1. You are permitted to have the following jail issued items:
  2. Two (2) sheets (knotting the sheets is prohibited);
  3. One (1) blanket;
  4. One (1) towel;
  5. One (1) washcloth;
  6. One (1) mattress;
  7. One (1) uniform consisting of coveralls;
  8. One (1) pair of shorts;
  9. One (1) pair of issued shoes;
  10. One (1) additional pair of shoes for prisoner workers;
  11. One (1) roll of toilet paper;
  12. Two (2) items each of hygiene commissary items such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. One (1) cup, one (1) comb, one (1) toothbrush;
  13. Prisoner handbook;
  14. One (1) jail issued ink pen.
  15. You are permitted to have the following non-issued items:
  16. legal papers and/or personal legal reference book;
  17. Personal letters and photographs (no Polaroid’s ©).     (Excessive amounts (deemed by staff to be a fire hazard will be placed in your personal locker, and you will not have access to these items.)
  18. Two (2) books from jail library;
  19. One Bible and or prayer book;
  20. Items on the commissary list in moderate quantities;
  21. Leisure time games and equipment as issued by the Jail or purchased from the commissary (1 puzzle book, 1 coloring book, etc.)
  22. Feminine hygiene items (females only);
  23. Shaving razors (during authorized shaving periods only);
  24. Medical and or health care items issued or approved by the Jail Physician or medical staff.
  25. You may possess some special items which are authorized by the medical staff or the Jail Administrator. The jail staff will have written records of your authorization to possess any item not on the list of permitted items.
  26. You may, after receiving special permission, receive newspapers, magazines, books and periodicals through the mail directly from the publisher.
  27. Any item altered from its intended use, modified in any way, or not on the list of permitted items may be confiscated from you by staff.
  28. You are not permitted to give any commissary items to another prisoner.     This includes, but is not limited to, socks, shoes, shampoo, deodorant, laundry bags, t-shirts, etc.
  29. If you are sentenced to a prison term you are only permitted to have the following items brought in for you. All other items must be purchased from commissary.
  30. One carton of cigarettes (unopened);
  31. Lighter (see through, non-adjustable);
  32. Watch ($75.00 value maximum, no stones).