Energy Harbor

With so many rising costs, saving money is a goal for most people. The Preble County Board of Commissioners wants to help homeowners reach that goal. The Board, through their partnership with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio negotiates competitive rates with third party suppliers for the generation portion of electric utility bills. The Board typically signs a two- to three-year agreement with the successful electric generation supplier. All eligible residents and small businesses in the townships of Dixon, Jackson, Jefferson, Monroe and soon Gasper are enrolled in the program. However, if they do not want to be a part of the program they can choose to “opt out” of the program.

 Palmer Energy is the consultant working with Preble County and Energy Harbor is the supplier.  

Current electric aggregation contract began December 2023 and will go until December 2025.  The supplier is Energy Harbor and the fixed rate is $0.0664.  The communities included are:  Dixon, Gasper, Jackson, Jefferson and Monroe.  Village of Lewisburg will have electric aggregation on the March 2024 ballot.

If  residents in the above mentioned townships  have questions about the Preble County electric aggregation, please contact:
 Valerie Bluhm, 
Palmer Energy Representative
 (419) 491-1040