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Ohio - Preble County Recorder

The Recorder has the important and indispensable task of keeping the vital records pertaining to ownership in real estate and to encumbrances or liens upon it. The Recorder makes a complete, accurate and permanent record of documents pertaining to conveyance and encumbrance of land within the county. These invaluable records are utilized by the general public, attorneys, historians, genealogist and land title examiners.

Recording Fees

*The fee to record and index documents such as a Deed, Mortgage, Affidavit, Agreement, Annexation, Easement, Certificate of Transfer, Land Contract, Lease, Mechanic's Lien, Partnership, Trust, Power of Attorney etc. is $34 for the first two pages. Each page thereafter is $8. The fee for each marginal notation is $4.00.

*If a document does not conform to the Standardization Guidelines (O.R.C. 317.114) an additional recording fee of $20.00 will be collected. This fee does not apply to any document from any court or taxing authority; any state or federal document; plats, DD 214’s or any document executed before the effective date of this law (07-01-2009).   
 *A certified copy cost $2.00 per page plus a $1.00 fee per seal.
 *The County Auditor's conveyance fee is $3 per $1,000 of the selling price and the transfer fee is 50 cents per parcel.
*A self-addressed stamped envelope with adequate postage is to be provided in order to have documents returned to you after the recording process.


Document Formatting Requirements

* Submit documents on white 8.5 x 11 inch paper or 8.5 x 14 inch paper. Documents must be an original and not a photocopy.
 * Use black or blue ink and a font size of at least 10 point.
 * Do not include any highlighted portions or use white out.
 * Provide a 3-inch margin at the top of the first page. This space is reserved for the Recorder, Auditor, and Engineer. On the top of each remaining page, a 1.5 inch margin is required. Side and bottom margins of all pages should be at least 1 inch.
 * If signatures in the document are considered to be illegible, the name should be printed or typed beneath it. The grantor(s) must sign the document and acknowledge it before a notary public.
 * The name of the person who prepared the document must be listed.
 * The conveyance document presented to the Recorder should bear the stamp of the County Engineer and County Auditor stating that the document has been examined and that the grantor is in compliance with 319.202 of the Ohio        Revised Code.
 * Documents of conveyance should state the marital status of the grantor(s).
 * The grantee's address, for tax mailing purposes, should be included with transfers of title.
 * A legal description of the real property is required, as well as any prior recording information and must be approved by the Engineer before recording.

* There is no fee to file Military Discharge documents or to get a photocopy of them.  

*Indexes only from December 14, 1999 forward are available to search online at

   or you can go to the Ohio Recorders Association website and click on Preble County and the link for County Fusion will be there also.

*Office Hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm with the front door of the Courthouse being locked at 4:00pm.

  Check with the office for Holiday Hours.

Preble County Recorder, 

Jeanne A. Creech

101 E. Main Street

Eaton, Ohio 45320

(937) 456-8173