Community Partnership

Preble County Chamber of Commerce


The Preble County Chamber of Commerce is the leader of and catalyst for plans, strategies, programs and services that promote a favorable business climate, improve the quality of life, and support the orderly growth and development of Preble County, Ohio. 

They support civics, community and culture by promoting commerce which generates capital. The capital generated by the private sector in turn becomes the funds used to provide service to the community.


JobsOhio West - Dayton Development Coalition

 JobsOhio West, an initiative of the Dayton Development Coalition, provides targeted assistance to businesses of all sizes that want to benefit from the region’s many assets. We help you tap into the incentives and advantages that make Ohio one of the Top 5 business-friendly states in the nation—and the Dayton region one of the best places to start, relocate, or expand a business.

Learn how the Dayton region’s reduced operating costs, competitive wages, access to markets, and talented workforce can work to your benefit—and how we can partner with you to get results.


 The BusinessFirst! Program uses a customer-oriented approach to link businesses with resources that help businesses stay and grow in the community.  The BusinessFirst! Team is a coordinated group of more than 100 economic, community, workforce development and government agencies that are ready to assist firms in meeting their corporate objectives.  BusinessFirst! has more than 30 member jurisdictions and six counties within the Greater Dayton Region.  See the link below for tools for your business.


Preble County Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Mission of the Preble County Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCCVB) is to serve the people and businesses of Preble County by promoting travel and tourism in the county through collaboration with resources to provide an outstanding visitor experience.

Preble County Historical Society

 The Preble County Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization which exists to promote knowledge of Preble County and Ohio History. The Society collects, preserves, displays, and maintains materials and objects of all types which have historical interest and significance to Preble County and the State of Ohio and to sell, and/or publish books, papers, and documents concerning the above items or purposes; to provide activities and events of cultural and educational nature, such as outdoor education, environmental studies, musicales, lectures, and the cultural arts, and to other cultural objectives; to generally encourage the widest possible use of mission and purpose.

Commissioners 2

Preble County Commissioners

 Welcome to the Preble County Commissioners' website!  Staying in touch with the Preble County community is one of the most important things Commissioners Craft, Haber, and Vonderhaar do on a daily basis.  

Preble County Commissioners are available to discuss the wants and needs of residents and welcome opportunities to solve problems and address issues daily.