About PCDP

PCDP and our Mission


The Preble County Development Partnership, Inc. (PCDP) was formed to address important growth and development issues and to assist in the creation of jobs and opportunities for everyone in Preble County. The PCDP will assist site location consultants and corporate real estate professionals in evaluating the benefits of a corporate location residing in the Preble County / Dayton-Cincinnati Region.

 The PCDP serves as your primary contact for the resources you need to "grow in" or "relocate to" Preble County. Our office facilitates businesses wishing to access local, regional, and state economic resources as well as offer tools, information, and insight to new and existing business.

 We are here to offer you both general and specific information such as demographic information, proximity to highways & airports, local suppliers, and other data critical to your decision-making process. 

 The PCDP is dedicated to making sure that all local economic growth promotes the quality of life and opportunities for our Preble County communities. We encourage positive economic activity that will enhance our infrastructure and the value we place on living in a clean and beautiful county.

We are ready to serve you, so give us a call at 937-456-2757.

Meet Our Team


The PCDP is made up of private business owners, community leaders, public officials and others who play a dynamic roll in charting the direction of Preble County's sustained economic growth. Our local leadership is comprised of an experienced staff who have experienced both strong and difficult economic conditions. They are capable and willing to tackle the difficult challenges necessary to keep our local economy in balance.

Brenda Latanza


Justin Sommer

Justin Sommer