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LEPC receives award

By Kelsey Kimbler - kkimbler@registerherald.com

 PREBLE COUNTY — Preble County’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) held its most recent quarterly meeting on Thursday, April 18.

During the meeting, Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director Dave Anderson shared an award with the committee.

Preble County LEPC was recently presented with a recognition award. The award is for 10 areas achieved by Preble County LEPC. It had to have: a current membership listing, designated officers, a hazardous materials plan, a designated Community Emergency Coordinator, a designated Information Coordinator, bylaws, LEPC meetings conducted a minimum of one meeting annually, a HAZMAT exercise. The LEPC also had to be part of compliance program, and have a fiscal activity status report.

Preble County LEPC has gotten this award for 24 years out of 25 eligible years. The only year it did not receive the award was 1995.

Since the last quarterly meeting, two chemical spills were reported in Preble County:

•One was on Interstate 70 at the seven mile marker. It was a diesel fuel spill from an accident the fire department and the EPA responded to.

•Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) was called in response to oil in a stream. Officials traced it back to a house on Eaton Gettysburg Road. An individual had spilled oil and the clean-up process is still ongoing.

In other news:

•LEPC is working on planning a table top exercise with West Elkton and Gratis Fire Department. It will be held on Saturday, June 1, at 9 a.m., in West Elkton.

•Every Preble County school except National Trail Local Local School District has held its Shelter in Place program. Anderson added, he has been trying to schedule something with National Trail but has been struggling to find a compatible time.

(posted April 23, 2019)

LEPC discusses future exercises

By Kelsey Kimbler - kkimbler@registerherald.com

 PREBLE COUNTY — Preble County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) will not be doing a full-scale exercise this spring or early summer as originally planned. According to Emergency Coordinator David Anderson, the timing will not work out and he will plan a functional exercise before July 1 and hopes to do the full-scale exercise in August or September.

Anderson shared these updates during the LEPC meeting held on Thursday, Jan. 16.

He explained, he originally planned to do a full-scale exercise with Nutrien Ag Solutions. Unfortunately, the time frame Anderson needed to complete the exercise was not good for that company. They needed something planned for August or September and Anderson needed an exercise completed before July 1.

Now, Anderson will have to plan a functional exercise before July 1. After that, he will have to plan a full-scale exercise.

Anderson also reported on three spills:

•On Nov. 29 a pick-up truck went off the side of the road and flipped, landing on its top. Gasoline leaked from the filler and it was determined less than 10 gallons was spilled. No waterways were effected, so no report was done, because it was less than reporting guidelines.

•On Dec. 17 a semi stopped at the fuel island at the Petro Truck Stop and rolled into two other parked semis on the lot. The crash did a lot of damage to the saddle tank on one of the parked trucks. After a wrecker separated the trucks the saddle tank was damaged, but not leaking. The semi that hit the other two lost around 10-15 gallons of antifreeze which Northwest Fire Department cleaned up with help from Petro staff. No report, didn’t meet reporting criteria.

•On Jan. 9 a semi at Neaton Auto Parts started to pull away from the docks and broke a drive shaft. The drive shaft punctured one of the saddle tanks and 30 to 50 gallons of diesel spilled. There was a storm drain right below where the diesel was leaking. Between the plant and FD absorbent, pads and booms were places down and a cleanup contractor was contacted. Cleanup contractor found the drain had been plugged eliminating any other problems. EPA was contacted and Neaton took responsibility for the cleanup.

In other business:

•One school has completed its Shelter in Place Program, three others are scheduled, and two have yet set dates.

•Anderson updated the committee on the propane class which was previously held. He indicated, the class was well received by several departments in Preble and Darke County. Anderson thanked West Alexandria Fire Department for hosting the training.

•The committee authorized Anderson to purchase a new laptop, as his current was bought in September of 2011 and is running Widows 7, which poses a security risk. The committee authorized Anderson to spend up to $1,600 for a new laptop.

•Jane Marshall inquired if the LEPC has any plans if something would go wrong at any of the solar farms being built in Preble County. Anderson replied that the company has been in touch with him, but nothing has been drafted. He also stated that the LEPC deals with chemicals and the solar farms don’t have enough chemicals to be a reporting facility. The solar farms would be more under the EMA than LEPC.

•Jerry Carter asked if the LEPC should be involved in training churches how to deal with active shooters. Anderson stated that law enforcement needs to handle that, not LEPC. Eaton Police Chief Steven Hurd discussed the training they provide for churches within city limits. Hurd added, they also offer ALICE training to businesses within the City of Eaton.

The next LEPC meeting will be held on Thursday, April 16 at 10 a.m. at the EMA Building.

(posted January 30, 2020)