Visiting hours are as follows:


Day of the WeekTime Range
Wednesday7 pm to 9 pm
Friday9 am to 11 am
Sunday1 pm to 3 pm


Day of the WeekTime Range
Monday9 am to 11 am
Thursday7 pm to 9 pm
Saturday1 pm to 3 pm

Rules for Visitation

  1. You are allowed, and encouraged to have your family and friends visit you. You are allowed one visit per visit day and two visits per visiting week. The visitation week begins on Monday and runs through Sunday.
  2. A prisoner cannot have two visits on the same day.
  3. Prisoners must submit a Jail Request Form to be permitted visitors, listing up to four persons they wish to visit. The visitor's list may be changed by submitting a revised list on Jail Request Form. Request forms to change your visitor's list must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the visiting day you want the person to visit.
    • If you submit a revised visitors list, your last list will be void. You must list up to four persons you want to visit
  4. Juveniles (Persons under 18 years old) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, unless they are your legal spouse. Proof of guardianship may be required.
  5. You are allowed at least 15 minutes per visit unless:
    • You or your visitors violate any Jail rules
    • Your visitor(s) arrive less than 15 minutes before the end of the visiting period.
      • The visit counts as one of your weekly visits
  6. Visitors must be signed in no later than 15 minutes prior to the end of the visitation period.
  7. Visitors should only bring keys and/or photo identification with them into the Sheriff's Office. Those items will be locked in a secured locker during visitation. Any visitor found with any property, including a cell phone, inside the visitation area will have their visitation privileges revoked.
  8. No contact visits with family and/or friends are permitted. However, most professional visits with attorneys or clergy are contact visits.
  9. No visits between prisoners are allowed without special permission of the Jail Administrator or his designee.
  10. We can refuse to let your visitor see you if:
    • He / She represents a clear and present danger to the security of the Jail
    • He / She has a past history of disruptive conduct at the Jail
    • He / She is not properly dressed in acceptable street clothing including shirt and shoes
    • He / She refuses to submit to a search or show required identification
    • He / She is under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol
    • You refuse the visit
      • If you refuse the visit, it dose not count as your weekly visit
    • He / She is under the age of eighteen and is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, unless he/she is your legal spouse
      • Verification is required
    • No person under parole or probation, of if a person has a protections order shall be allowed to visit unless prior approval has been granted by the person's supervising officer and the Jail Administrator.
  11. If you are serving a weekend sentence, you are not permitted visits.
  12. No visits are permitted on the same calendar day you are booked into the Jail.
  13. It may be necessary during an emergency to cancel all scheduled visiting without prior notice.
  14. The Jail Administrator or his designee approves special visits. To request a special visit, complete a Jail Request Form with the necessary information. Give it to a Corrections Officer, who forwards is to the Jail Administrator, or his designee, for consideration. We use the following guidelines for approving special visitors:
    • He/she resides outside a fifty mile radius of the Jail and has identification proving his/her residency
    • It is not possible for him/her to visit during regular visiting hours. Employer verification is required
    • There has been a sudden family medical emergency. Verification is required.
  15. Your attorney or other officials may visit you as often as needed and at any reasonable time, (usually 8 am to 10 pm). These visits do not count against your weekly visiting privileges.
  16. Clergy may visit you at any reasonable time if they have approved identification. These visits do not count against y our weekly visiting privileges.
  17. No clergy person related to you by blood, marriage or adoption is permitted to have contact visits. Other clergy contact visits must be approved. Any falsification of a material fact pertaining to personal relationship results in that person being prohibited from any future visits with you.
  18. Conversations in visitation may be monitored and recorded.