Intermittent Sentenced Inmates / Weekenders

Inmates who are permitted to serve their sentence on weekends have generally received a suspended prison or jail term. As a condition of probation, they may have been ordered to serve an intermittent sentence on weekends so they may continue with their employment. This is a privilege granted by the Court and should not be taken lightly.

The following rules shall apply for anyone serving an intermittent sentence:

  1. Once the schedule has been established, it will be followed:
    • Failure to report or to report on time is a violation of your terms of sentencing and you will be held by the jail to serve the remainder of your sentence in full
  2. Your schedule will be completed on consecutive weekends and will not change, unless done so by the Court.
  3. If you are sick, you must show up at the Jail on the date you are scheduled, with any paperwork from your doctor, and the Jail personnel will determine if you are too sick to serve your scheduled time.
  4. You may be required to participate in an inside or an outside work detail. If you refuse to participate you will be held for the remainder of your sentence in full.
  5. Do not call the Jail to report any matter concerning your sentence.
  6. The Jail will notify the Probation Department after each weekend, which inmate/s did or did not report to the Jail.
  7. You will be permitted to bring to this facility the following:
    • Only the clothing you are wearing
    • Only the cash needed to purchase hygiene items or non-prescription medications
    • One bible
    • Prescription medication, prescribed by your doctor; and they must be in the prescription bottle for the medication
    • Keys to your vehicle and / or place of residence
    • No other items will be accepted!
  8. Violating any Major or Serious rule, including but not limited to reporting to jail under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in this handbook, you will be held to serve the remainder of your sentence in full.
  9. You may make a request on the jail request form to the appropriate Court for a hearing on any violation listed above.
  10. After you have completed your sentence, a letter will be sent to the appropriate Probation Department.